Peer Leaders

Welcome to our Peer Leader program!

Our Peer Leader program has three components:

Mentorship: Working with teens in a variety of contexts, including facility activities, homework, and peer-to-peer communication.

Leadership: Representing both your school and The Spot in a respectful manner that demonstrates our core values and the expectations of behavior.

Responsibility: Assisting with facility upkeep and enforcing the expectations of behavior.

              Peer Leaders will be expected to fulfill all components of the program every time they participate at The Spot facility. 

Q4 Closures:

April 18th

Donation Day for Quarter 4: April 28th

Donations must be valued at $7 per hour being made up- receipts required.

 All items must be FACTORY SEALED when brought into The Spot.

1.    Cans of coke (12 or 24 pack) 

2.    Cans of Sprite (12 or 24 pack) 

3.    Cans of Mountain Dew (12 or 24 pack) 

4.    12oz Variety Packs of Gatorade 

5.    Gallons of spring water (5+) 

6.    Snack-sized bags of chips (20 pack) 

7.    Goldfish snack pack (9 pack) 

8.    Tastycakes (boxes) 

9.    Boxed popcorn (homestyle or butter) 

10. Pringles snack stacks (18 pack)

11. Boxes of tissues

12. Multi-packs of gum

13. Juice boxes (Capri sun, hi-c, etc.)


Peer Leader Quarter Four Activity: Week of April 28th

Peer Leaders will meet for to review the progress of the peer leaders and discuss the skills that they have learned. One-on-One meetings will be scheduled with individual Peer Leaders if necessary.

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